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A Girl and her Goddess

A Girl and her Goddess Once upon a time, a little girl found god. Who is this girl? What caused her to start looking for gods in the first place? They were gone, centuries gone. A faint memory even before the bombs fell. When the skies burned gold and ash fell like clouds upon the world, there were no gods. Surely, as some say, there are no gods now. Perhaps they’re right. Perhaps this isn’t

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A Family Far Beneath the Stars

A Family Far Beneath the Stars   “Glorious Gnix, rat again?” Gnaxley pointed his spoon at the young brat. “Eat your rat, boy. Your mother caught it this morning-” “Last week.” “Last week, and preserved it just for you kids.” Gnaxley thought the rat was noxious. It had been pickled, and green flecks were breaking off the fur. He needed to be back on the raids or this would be a norm again.  Where had

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Flash Fiction Cheating Spells

Thanks to everyone for going a full story and staying with us! Next up is going to be a piece of flash fiction as we get ready for our next serial, A Family Far Beneath the Stars. Hope you enjoy Cheating Spells   Cheating Spells By Jack Holder He didn’t mean to upset his Spell. He just wanted a piece of pie. No, he thought, not just a piece of pie. This was a magnificent pie, a

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Joining the Ride

Joining the Ride By Jack Holder They always got boys. Harsk took another drink.  The tavern was home to him and his Riders, as much as anywhere was.  There were barely enough lamps to bathe the taproom in a pale glow.  The chairs were scattered around, two or three leaning against a wall to hide a missing leg. He breathed deep.  There was a lot to be said about the truth of a scent.  Sights

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A Girl and Her Goddess

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