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What is the cost of a dream? What must one leave behind, to live amongst the clouds? Legends of the Realm launches its brand new adventure with The Floated Dream, a new epic fantasy comic coming to Kickstarter January 4th, 2022. This comic takes the lore and scope of Lord of the Rings, and blends it with the moral quandaries and succinctness of John Steinbeck.


The Kingdom of Dannisfire is a land of mystery, and magic. King Marcus Cairn breaks long-standing tradition, and appoints the first court mage in recorded history, Camriddeon. Cairn sends his new mage into the kingdom’s outer reaches, commanded to find the wonder of the land, and perhaps conjure one of his own. Camriddeon, in turn gives the king a strange request: to construct a tower in the middle of his kingdom, far away from anything of interest. And he will have his miracle.


Camriddeon’s first stop is the floating city of Providentia, far to the northeast. The city above the clouds appeared recently, and is shrouded in secrecy. However, all who come to view it are enraptured, to the point of never leaving. Camriddeon is intrigued, but wondering what sort of magic could levitate such a structure. And what the cost of it could be.


The Floated Dream is the beginning of a new epic adventure. Challenging the ideas of morality, personal freedom, and the costs of magic. 


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