Month: March 2016

  • Flash Fiction Cheating Spells

    Thanks to everyone for going a full story and staying with us! Next up is going to be a piece of flash fiction as we get ready for our next serial, A Family Far Beneath the Stars. Hope you enjoy Cheating Spells   Cheating Spells By Jack Holder He didn’t mean to upset his Spell. He just wanted a piece of pie. No, he thought, not just a piece of pie. This was a magnificent pie, a […]

  • Joining the Ride

    Joining the Ride By Jack Holder They always got boys. Harsk took another drink.  The tavern was home to him and his Riders, as much as anywhere was.  There were barely enough lamps to bathe the taproom in a pale glow.  The chairs were scattered around, two or three leaning against a wall to hide a missing leg. He breathed deep.  There was a lot to be said about the truth of a scent.  Sights […]