Ogre Mage

You see before you Bin Tract. The Ogre Mage of Bel Haven, destined to be the greatest wielder of magic in a generation. If he doesn’t get kicked out of school first.

Ogre Mage

Bin Tract will be the greatest mage the Circle of Bel Haven has ever seen! At least, if he can get in the front door…




Dueling Studies

Bin Tract may one day be the greatest mage of Bel Haven, but he first has to survive the terrors of studies and classmates…




Runes and Songs

Lady Rune and Bin Tract need to find ways to work, and play, and enjoy life around each other. But norms may make that impossible…




Adventures in Friendship and Lightning

Friends. A new adventure. A chance to belong. Is everything finally going Bin’s way?