The Lost Heroines Series

Emelia, Sela, and Lana took a vow to defend a lawless city against crime. Trapped between a vicious hate group and a mysterious assassin, will they live to see another day?

In a world hardened by an apocalypse, the only heroes are those brave enough to follow the Comics Code.

Emelia, Sela, and Lana are fledgling superheroes in the crime-ridden town of Gratitude. However, a city that doesn’t want saving won’t stop these heroines from helping all they can. Going on a routine patrol, they uncover a plot against the Grateful, the human-centric hate group.

Honoring their code, they try to intervene and become trapped in the Grateful’s stronghold fighting for their lives. On one side, they have a group dedicated to the destruction of all they hold dear, while on the other a mysterious and deadly killer able to disappear into thin air. The heroines don’t know who to protect themselves from.

Is it right to defend evil? To protect those who wish you ill? Can the lost heroines save the wicked or will they die trying?

Fans of Percy Jackson and Simon R. Green are going to love this series!

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