Why Faith

Why Faith?
A Comics Anthology

Why does one have faith? Why not? What does that word even mean to you? Come with us and find the answer. Featured in this anthology are thirty stories that explore why one does or does not have faith. Included are the first comics from New York Times bestsellers Wm Paul Young and Jody Lynn Nye, as well as the works of such creators as Eisner-award winner Trina Robbins, USA Today Bestselling author Russell Nohelty, and more.

Do You Like Religion and Comics?

Have you ever wondered about why you have faith? Or wanted to know more about what that part of your life could mean? 

“Why Faith?” is a wondrous, full-color comics anthology, jam-packed with stories from creators of all faiths, identities, and backgrounds. Edited by Jack Holder, and featuring some of the greatest creators in the business, these 30 stories bring to bear the question of why one should (or should not) have faith, and how it truly changes the very nature of life.

Why “Why Faith?” 

My background is in how religion and the arts work together. This is because for many years I did not know how to express what I found compelling about church, and yet so contradictory.

The way I found my way back to God was through art. Going to plays, and hiking, and devouring book after book after book. I could see glimpses of God in every page, every sight and sound. It was only once I stepped outside of church, that I could find why I needed to come back.

What these creators have done is try to answer the question of why (or why not) to believe in a certain way. Doing so with art, with compassion, and with a clarity that I believe is inspired by Grace.

This anthology is, in part, for our children as well as for us. As we grow up, we try to determine for ourselves what God has in store for us. Or even if there is a God. Having this book here allows that child to ask questions, and find answers.

For anyone who is still searching and discontented by what one sees, I say that “Why Faith?” is here for you. We are inviting all to have that still-small courage to ask the question of why. You may not find the same answer that I did. Your truth may turn you down a path I had never considered before. And that makes you beloved.

If you would like to know more, please click the link here to be taken to a 30-page preview, completely free. Read our works, see the ideas that these creators bring to life, and come back and enjoy the rest of the anthology.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a blessed day.

Our Creators

What I cannot express enough is how each of these amazing contributors approached this question. We have had transformative experiences in our own faith journeys, simply by allowing ourselves to try and answer the question. In backing this campaign, you help us bring to life a new way of considering faith. One that brings us together in celebrating our differences and our similarities in the search of the ultimate question of why.