Category: Harsk’s Riders

  • An Unfortunate Prophet

    So, yeah, I’m pretty much dying today. It’s not dying, exactly. It’s more of a temporary loss of time. How temporary? That was the one thing I didn’t know about this particular future. And damn all the gods and goddesses for it, either above, below or beyond. There are many things I don’t know. Being a prophet wasn’t some faucet that I could turn on and all the secrets of the universe just spilled forth. […]

  • Making the Cut

    His name was Rel. Harsk found him in Angel Town, where there were no angels, and wasn’t even a town anymore. A group of kids on a dare had decided it would be funny to try and summon a demon. The demon thought burning everything down was even funnier. When Harsk and his Riders rolled through, Rel was holding himself upright in the center of town. He stood in ashes. The demon was already gone; […]

  • Joining the Ride

    Joining the Ride By Jack Holder They always got boys. Harsk took another drink.  The tavern was home to him and his Riders, as much as anywhere was.  There were barely enough lamps to bathe the taproom in a pale glow.  The chairs were scattered around, two or three leaning against a wall to hide a missing leg. He breathed deep.  There was a lot to be said about the truth of a scent.  Sights […]