Month: September 2017

  • Elf Town, Troll Town

    Fishing is fun. Bethany said it was, so it must be true. Arlyle was having trouble believing it at the moment. The death goddess perched on the edge of a bridge, her line floating down the stories to plop into the water. She twitched her stick one way and another, watching the line sway. Nope. Nothing. Fishing was boring. The bridge wasn’t. Bethany danced across the cobbled stones in the midday sun. She hummed a […]

  • A Kind of Heart

    It has been a day, and no one has tried to assassinate me again. Dear no one. As always you are my greatest and closest friend. I write to you once again concerned, and hopeful for the future. They know about me know. I have screamed it from the rooftops, charged down the hill with power coursing through my veins and they are frightened. Good. I know what I will find today in my manse. […]