Bin walked through the door, and was amazed by a web of dazzling light. The blue lighting continued on from the previous room. It followed down a well-kept hallway, stretching on for a few moments.

Bin waited for the door to open again. Goldmight should be there in just a second, just like Nutrose, Ruby, and Yuva. And Zib and Hilt and Book and all the new friends! They were in this together, finding the treasure wouldn’t be the same without them.

But for whatever reason, the door remained closed. He heard a bit of commotion on the other side, but the door muffled everything. He considered going back… but the treasure… Perhaps they were all busy. That must have been it. The Archiwrecks were still there, and they were taking care of it.

Which meant he had to find the treasure for them. Bin made his way through the hall.

The hallway came abruptly to a dead end. Bin stopped, and frowned. Where there should be a door, there was only a magic circle. Runes were carved into the stone, glowing the same electric blue as the lightning magic before.

“Hello?” He asked. “I’m Bin Tract, and we’re looking for Suffrn’s relics?”

“Suffrn’s relics?” a voice asked.

The circle brightened, and a head appeared out of the floor. It was a dwarf head, followed by a dwarf body. Hale and hearty, with a thick beard around his jowls, looking to be only in his mid two hundreds. But still, he seemed off. He glowed blue and, how best to say this? He crackled. Bits of him were missing from one moment to the next as if he flickered in and out of existence.

The dwarf folded his arms together, and looked Bin up and down. “I’m Suffrn. What’s left of him, anyways.”

“Hello.” Bin said. He extended a hand. “I thought you were dead.”

“I am, of a fashion.” Suffrn looked at the hand, and smiled. “The gesture is good, but I’m afraid you would only be shocked with my response.”

Bin shrugged, and stuck his hands in his pockets.

“Bin Tract. Why are you searching for my relics?”

“We just are.” Bin said. “You know, for history, and power, and stuff.”

“Power?” Suffrn darkened. “You seek my life’s work to conquer? To command?”

“Nah,” Bin said, oblivious to the danger in front of him. “That doesn’t sound too much fun. And when Ona said he had a map to finding your home, I thought it would be a good way to make friends and learn more about magic.”

Suffrn looked at the half-ogre, perplexed. The lightning ghost could sense energy, could sense that the golems were still there. They had witnessed a battle, while they stood guard over his lab. And yet this child had beaten his locks, discovered the musical key, and now stood before him without showing the least bit of interest. Why?

Pressing further, Suffrn asked “Ona? Who is Ona?”

“Ona’s a friend from the Circle. I think he’s a friend. He’s a dwarf, like you.”

“I see. Did he touch you?”

Bin recoiled. “We didn’t hold hands, if that’s what you’re thinking. He’s cool, but we just clapped each other on the back.”

That was enough. Suffrn had been more energy than material long enough to sense its traces. He could see the dwarf’s electricity on him. It was faint, and the remnant fainter, but it was there. A relative of his.

“Where is Ona?”

“Taking care of our friend Kleb,” Bin said. “He’s a good guy. And has the coolest tattoos!”

Young people. Suffrn wondered what the world was coming to in his absence. However, this must be the case. He had sworn a vow to his kin, and would uphold the promise.

“Well, Bin. You are the first to find me. What would you have of me?”

Bin stared quizzically, perplexed. “I’m sorry?”

“Bestow wealth? Power? Death to your enemies?” Suffrn clasped his fists together, and bowed his head.

“Say the word, and it is yours.”

copyright 2018 Jack Holder

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