A prayer for the Thirteen

To all the gods and none. To all those who may give solace to those who died, we pray now. May any who may be listening, hear these prayers.

The Elements

We give thanks to those who gave us the elements. Those who fell in the Sphere of Five were held fast, to the ever turbulent call of nature.

A Prayer to Mumbai

To the city of earth, the churning ground,

Ageless, unchanging, yet new

The folly that this land found

Showed strength, and virtue was their due


A Prayer to Rome

To the city of fire, city of red

Twice blessed to rule the earth

In fire it was born, in fire it bled

In fire it found its worth

A Prayer to Tokyo

To the city of air, not of flight

Honor was the land’s core

The Folly came, and in its light

They died, but still they soar.


A Prayer to Sydney

To the city of water, return

A city that could forgive

Past sins were gone, would not burn

Be an example again, relive.

A Prayer to New York

To the city of iron, structures tall

The first of the new land

Forged in war, when fires fall

They made the final stand.


The Directions

We pray today in all directions, so that all who have fallen can be seen, felt, and answered.

A Prayer to Beijiing

Look to the East, the Risen Sun

To those who once held sway

We give thanks those who had begun

The journey, and gave light to day.

A Prayer to Johannesberg

Look to the South, in blackened ash

The flames that beat the earth

To those who had no hand in this clash

May you find a resting hearth

A Prayer to Los Angeles

Look to the west, onset of Night

Second city to the second land

For those who once made future bright

And died with promises in hand

A Prayer to Moscow

Look to the North, the Frozen time

Unbent, defiant to the last

To those whose heart heard not the chime

As they faded towards the past


The Body of the World

A prayer to the measures of each man, woman and child who fell. Let the merits of these bodies be examples to us now.

A Prayer to London

To those who led with reasoned mind

Calloused from the whims of heart

Towards magic, they may be blind

But their feats shall not depart

A Prayer to Rio de Janeiro

To those who moved with passion

With open hearts and love

We show our thanks for their compassion

To all who felt wrath from above.

A Prayer to Jerusalem

This, above all, held the sway

Beyond reason, rhyme and song

The gods have returned, here to stay

We confirm, you were never wrong

And always the unknown, though Never there.

A last repose, a final care.

Gods, Goddesses, those who give aid.

Grant us this mercy, this we pray.

copyright 2016 Jack Holder

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