Category: A Girl and her Goddess

  • Elf Town, Troll Town

    Fishing is fun. Bethany said it was, so it must be true. Arlyle was having trouble believing it at the moment. The death goddess perched on the edge of a bridge, her line floating down the stories to plop into the water. She twitched her stick one way and another, watching the line sway. Nope. Nothing. Fishing was boring. The bridge wasn’t. Bethany danced across the cobbled stones in the midday sun. She hummed a […]

  • Fairy Tales and Fairy Kings

    What does it feel like? “What?” The puny girl was talking again. Arlyle had to crane her neck up to look at the small girl-thing. This was the height of indignity for the death goddess. Being only three and a half feet tall simply would not do. However, it did not seem like that would change any time soon. Since being released from her clay prison, Arlyle was stuck tiny. She was barely dark, dressed […]

  • A Girl and her Goddess

    Once upon a time, a little girl found god. Who is this girl? What caused her to start looking for gods in the first place? They were gone, centuries gone. A faint memory even before the bombs fell. When the skies burned gold and ash fell like clouds upon the world, there were no gods. Surely, as some say, there are no gods now. Perhaps they’re right. Perhaps this isn’t a real tale. Perhaps gods […]