Olympian Sin, Chapter 9

Everything that is learned is a matter of faith. In scientific reasoning, there is the function of the idea. Theories, becoming hypotheses, becoming accepted science, becoming solid fact. Histories are written in textbooks, and the world spins on. But with each and every new life, we have to take one major leap of faith. That those before us were not completely, totally wrong. We cannot build on the works of others, if we suspect that

Olympian Sin, Chapter 8

“Heaven?” Cain and Aphrodite looked up. Zeus was there with them, leaning against the well. “What do you mean, Heaven?” Cain shrugged. “Stands to reason. In the Test we have several afterlifes. The Norse and Egyptian mythologies. Plenty of underworlds. Nod is even a reference to someplace East of Eden, untouched by man. But where is Heaven?” “Heaven isn’t a place,” Zeus said. “Neither are a lot of things,” Cain said. “Like gods shooting lightning.”

Olympian Sin, Chapter 7

Is this another Test sent by God? It seems fantastical enough. A black ball, floating above the ocean. Gifting people with powers that rival the Almighty’s. The fact that the Enemy is me. I have believed in Jesus, and His Father, all my life. I thought I had seen the good works, the majesty of the ineffable plan. Walked through paradise. All without hearing a single sound that I could call God’s Voice. Now I

Olympian Sin, Chapter 6

I find others to be more of a hindrance than a gift. Not on quests, or journeys. Just in general. People united through a common cause are truly a wonder to behold. The combined will of humanity is able to shake mountains, to move seas. And that is just to build a highway. But that is when humanity is united. Either through money, or cause, or conquest. When people are allowed to think, to speak,

Olympian Sin, Chapter 5

Sanctuary. It is a word that sparks many ideas. That a location can give safety and security from the terrors of the world. There is a place that is meant to be perfected, meant to be an idealized version of what the world is supposed to be. That God has blessed this holy ground, far beyond the powers of man. But for a sanctuary to exist, there must be a guardian. Someone with enough power

Olympian Sin, Chapter 4

I have been alone for so long. Too long. It’s been wondrous, solitude. The opportunity to be with myself, my discretions. Bury my head in a world of mine own devising. But there is something to be said about community. The opinions of others, the very presence of another living soul. It is a quite delightful form of torture. “We all just started the Test.” They were all gathered around the mountain peak, looking up.