Month: June 2018

  • Adventures in Friendship and Lightning, Part 17

    How does one know they are experienced? Simple, they have explored life. And how does one know how exploration is done? Nutrose knew that there were several answers to this, but still found himself rolling the question over in his mind. Was it by knowledge gained? Than the two Sarrofop sisters, Pidelle and Pidella, were the greatest explored of all. They dove deep into exploration on a daily basis, all while never leaving the comfort […]

  • Adventures in Friendship and Lightning, Part 16

    “Pitiful, absolutely disgraceful.” Hilt squatted over Zibnizik. She looked at her blade, poised over his throat, and tutted. “Zibnizik, if I were in a grading mood, I would fail you on the spot. No perimeter guard, no wards to speak of, and not even someone keeping watch. That is a failing grade.” “Lady Hilt,” the gnome said, not taking his eyes off the weapon. “Pardon my rudeness, but I’m not in classes with you.” She […]

  • Adventures in Friendship and Lightning, Part 15

    Bin stepped forward, readying his stance. He winked at the Archiwrecks. “Let’s go then,” He said. “Mage battle, twenty-to-one.” “Seven,” Kleb corrected. “Right. You guys get some too.” The Archiwrecks looked at each other. They hefted pickaxes, swords, even a few wands. But they did so cautiously. If the lone child of the group was so skilled, and the dwarf accidentally neutralized three others, what could the rest of the group be like? The leader […]