Month: April 2018

  • Finding Gratitude, Part 26

    I don’t know what’s more exhausting. Fighting a wyvern, or having to walk down three-hundred and sixty-six steps to get back down afterwards. It took longer than I had expected. Every floor just seemed so…fascinating. The wyvern wasn’t one to keep an untidy lair. There was gold, and mattresses, and empty floor upon empty floor. Once we got past the first few floors, there was just so much space. More than enough for a group […]

  • Finding Gratitude, Part 25

    The wyvern staggered against the blow. Lady dodged right, and swung around, Sir Violet lashing out in a long arc. The wyvern turned, and its tail lashed out in response. Lady Violet crashed against the tail and was flung to the ground. She cried out, the breath knocked from her body. Darkling screeched, flying up. The wyvern roared in defiance, and shot lightning at her. She ducked one way, and came too close. “No!” The […]