Viola Konstantin

The new countess of Konstantin Valley, long may she reign. In the face of vandals, courtiers, and the ever-growing darkness, she may reign. All will kneel, or feel her cold, cold heart.

The world will bow. Or it will break.

In Constant Fealty

The new Countess Viola comes into her inheritance. Long may she reign.




A Kind of Heart

Viola Konstantin survived her coronation. Now on to governing. Now may all others learn to respect her rule.




Dance Through the Formals

The coming-out of the nobility under Viola. New band, new visitors, and a new standard of formal life under the countess, regardless of who may have a problem with it.



A Foppish Coup

There are new rumblings of unrest. Treason is becoming fashionable. Does the countess even understand what to do about this? Or is she more concerned with cream puffs?