Lost Heroines

The Green Witch. Darkling. Lady Violet. Three girls in search of adventure, heroism, and goodness. Whether it be on the streets of Gratitude, the forest hills, or in their own hearts, they are sure to find it. Sometimes…

Lost Heroines

A world without hope seems to be the life for Emelia McKay. But thanks to a new staff, and an old comics collection, she may be able to take on the Snake River Boys.




The Heroines are trying out names, a new city, and maybe even this thing called eating. How does one afford to be a superhero, anyways?




A Mess of Magical Proportions

A small town. A beast named Rusted Jowls killing the inhabitants. This is just an easy case of heroism, right?




Finding Gratitude

The girls have finally settled on a city. Now separated, battered by the worst of the life, can they survive a night in Gratitude?



Lost at School

The Heroines have taken on monsters, bandits, and even the Mayor. But now they have to face their most terrible challenge of all…schooling.